At Fury we are trying to make sure we cover all of our bases and give you the best of everything from our facility, our equipment, our trainers as well as additional professionals to guide you to a healthier life.  We last introduced Will Trujillo as our resident Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Now we have added, long time member Julie Browne, a Registered Dietician and Physicians Assistant or in simpler terms our very own Nutritionists!  Julie is going to start heading our Paleo Challenges as well as set up some gym time for nutrition consultations. In case you haven’t had the privilege to meet Julie, here is a brief history of her medical background and how she found CrossFit.

Julie brown profileI became a member at CrossFit Fury three years ago with the intention of changing up my workout routine, which had hit a plateau.  Prior to Fury I spent my time training for endurance events and have completed 2 marathons, an Olympic Distance Triathlon, multiple half marathons, 20ks, 10ks and 5ks.  Since joining Fury I have found myself focusing more on the movements/techniques of CrossFit, which if you are fortunate enough to be in a class with me, can be very entertaining to watch.  Needless to say, CrossFit has become my new passion, as well as my family away from home, and because of this strong tie I have developed at Fury, I am anxious to contribute and give back.

I graduated from Miami University with a degree in Dietetics and worked for seven years as a renal dietitian.  During this time I spent a great deal of energy focusing on nutrition counseling for diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and weight management.  Simultaneously, I was employed by a fitness facility to help with nutrition counseling and teach fitness classes.  Six years ago I chose to go back to school for my graduate degree in Physician Assistant studies.  I graduated from Midwestern University almost four years ago and have been working in OB/GYN since, which has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of hormonal influence on the human body.  My time with Fury has increased my interest in functional  medicine, to which I attempt to read up on during the occasional free moment.  Additionally, I am set to begin training in August with the flight surgeons of the 944th ASTS, US Air Force Reserves. julie swearing in

There are few diets/lifestyles out there I have taken by the horns and advocate for my own patients to follow.  I never expect anything of my patients I wouldn’t expect of myself and I believe in practicing what I preach.  I began to adopt the Paleo lifestyle a year prior to beginning CrossFit and instantly became a believer.  It is one of the few lifestyles that makes sense and has the evidence to back it.

I think it is important to know, additionally, I, like so many, have struggled with food/diet.  Eating is meant to be a pleasure; however, at times it can become a true obstacle, whether it is overeating or restrictive eating.  I overcame my battle with being borderline anorexic 13 years ago.  I feel this is critical to know because no matter if you are battling overeating/restrictive eating, the control food has over you is the same and the detriments of either is increased morbidity.  I understand and empathize with anybody who has or is presently in such a present situation and it is my desire, together with the staff of CrossFit Fury, to help you overcome any such hurdle.

julie browneIn closing, it is my hope to have the chance to use my experiences to enhance members’ lives, as much as I know working with the members of Fury during Paleo Challenges will enhance mine.  Wishing you all the very best!

Julie is currently heading a Paleo Challenge now and we will set up consultations with her by appointment.  If you are interested in meeting with Julie, please see the Front Desk to set up your appointment.