RobertsRegional13There are so many factors that influence an athletes performance through a multi-day competition such as Regionals or the Games. Obviously there must be a history of consistant training, nutrition and rest to get the athlete there, but recovering from and performing in each event takes even more. This is when the professional support of Ryann Roberts DPT comes in! He is extremely helpful and beneficial to our athletes. The hands on work pre and post event has proven one of the most effective approaches I personally have encountered. With Ryann’s helps our athlete Jason went from barely being able to air squat to hitting a PR on his overhead squat in less then a week… Amazing! In general we are all moving and performing better because of Ryann.

All of CrossFit Fury is very fortunate to have Ryann’s help, support and expertise. I have said it before and I will say it again if your body ever needs a tune up, he is the man to see!