tri training grpIn March and April we offered a Triathlon training program for kids all over the West Valley and it was a huge success with over 30 of our kids participating in their first ever Triathlon in late April.  Now, we would like to get the adults involved.  We are starting a Triathlon Training Group!  All members are welcome and encouraged to try something outside of CrossFit.  kids tri

The group will train and participate in three Sprint Triathlons over the next three months. Starting this Wednesday, we will kick off Fury’s Tri Group. Carren Coffman and Shonda Bokamper will head the training sessions that will meet 4 times a week. The group will have access to the Southwest Valley YMCA every Wednesday at 7pm and Saturday at 12pm.  The group will also meet Tuesday and Friday mornings at 5am, Tuesday to run and Friday to bike.

TriSched.001You do not have to have a road bike in order to participate but you MUST have a helmet if you ride.  We will add additional training days as we see fit.  The cost of the program will be $45 for members and $60 for non members.  Costs helps us cover the cost of using the YMCA as well as our Coach’s time.  If you only want to swim, it’s still $45. All of these training sessions are designed to be taken in addition to normal CrossFit and Basics training though we understand if you need a little extra rest now and again.

The following are the three Sprint Triathlons we will participate in.  All Triathlon members will register on their own however we have all the information you need to register. The first two races have Youth divisons if you want to include your kids! If you are interested see Aimee at the front desk!

Scottsdale Firecracker Triathlon and Duathlon Race

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center


Anthem Sprint Triathlon Race

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Anthem Community Center


2013 Tempe Triathlon: Olympic / Sprint Triathlon and Relay

September, 22, 2013

Tempe Beach Park