pt pic with briFor many members, they love the group atmosphere of our classes and are progressing comfortably through our programs.  However, some members feel that they could benefit from a few one on one personal training sessions but fear they can’t afford it on top of their monthly dues.  So, we have decided to offer packages which include both personal training and unlimited monthly membership at an affordable rate.

We are now offering 3 different packages for personal training.  For $350 you can get 4 personal training sessions a month and unlimited monthly membership.  For $500 a month, you will get 8 personal training sessions a month and unlimited monthly membership. With these packages you may attend either Basics or Prep classes. All sessions must be used within that month, they do not roll over to the next month.  We also have our current 10 pack of 1 hour sessions at a 10% discount as well as half off your monthly membership.  This package does not require that you use all 10 sessions in one month, they do not expire.

Training sessions can be all skill based, all lifting form and technique or a combination of both depending on what you are looking for and the goals you are hoping to achieve. We have over 12 trainers on staff and should be able to accomodate any time you need.  Think about what your goals are and how close you are to achieving them.  If you are struggling or feel like you have plateaued, think about a personal training package-we are here to help you reach your goals!