josh partyWhen it comes time each year to celebrate your child’s birthday you may feel some what limited. Yes, you could hang out with giant rodents while consuming tons of pizza and soda and let the kids lose themselves in virtual realty. Then again you could take it to a local trampoline house so your kids could jump the day away with little supervision. Obviously you could just bring the whole neighborhood into YOUR home, bake a cake and take care of things the old fashioned way. But, if you are looking for something different, check this out!

Just a few weeks ago, we had a trial Fury Party with nearly 30 kids in attendance and it was without a doubt a huge success! The party was well organized and structured by our very own Josh Macdonald to include all the great activities in a normal CrossFit Kids class but designed for a larger group and extended durations. The kids spent time building skills that will make them stronger and more confident in life. They played games that made them think, sweat and work pretty dang hard individually and as a team. Best of all they enjoyed a small snack with lots of emphasis on the importance of healthy refueling.

roberts playEach birthday package will be designed for 2 hours in length, meal included, with two size options; up to 12 kids for $250 and up to 24 kids the cost is $300. As always these packages can be customized as needed just let us know your situation and we will work out a deal. Parties can be scheduled on Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoons and we ask to schedule two weeks in advance.

We are very excited to help play a role and influence the growth of your kids and the importance of healthy living. Small efforts each day lead to a lifetime of better living. While we are just introducing this program, expect to see an adult option very soon! 🙂