Paleo PanelThis past weekend was spent in beautiful Austin Texas attending the Paleo FX conference. It was organized and put on by individuals leading the health and fitness industry, medical personell and super smart academia folks. Through the weekend there were great talks on the efficacy of the paleo style diet and the importance of a healthy GI. Adrenal fatigue was another main topic for which adequate rest and recovery within your efficient exercise program was stressed. Additionally there were former olympians teaching the snatch, squat and deadlift. There were courses on running technique, mobility, cooking classes and even a booty camp!

What was really important is the turning tide that everyone of us are a part of. Just like how your perception and understanding of exercise and nutrition is changing, something similar is happening in medicine. All too often when our health is troubled, our symptoms specifically are treated while potentially leaving the underlying causes unchanged and unaddressed. It is easy to imagine where this cycle of ‘medicine’ will and is leading us.

Eva T SquatsWhat we are seeing are close relationship developing between the MD’s or Nurse Practitioners and fitness/ nutrition centers. The idea that your MD would prescribe intervals, deadlifts and more sleep along with a paleo themed diet before they resorted pharmaceutical supplements is powerful. It is my goal that we are on the leading front of this in the West Valley. We are building networks with local medical professionals who believe in the importance of effective exercise and eliminating gluten containing grains from our diets. With these individuals on board we will continue to offer a more and more encompassing and holistic approach to your health, performance and long term wellness.

Health care will always be needed for that potential catastrophe. However so much is in our control via our lifestyle and preventative measures we chose to take part in or not. If you agree with this, take some time and think as to if your Doctor is part of this preventative movement or are they part of the pharmaceutical pyramid scheme that is our current health care system. If you are in these fields and want to contribute drop us a line and together we can help far more people then individually.

Health PryimidFinally there was an interesting order of importance for long term health I’d like to share with you. These lecturers claimed that rest is the most important factor when it comes to your health and well being, which is then followed by nutrition and exercise. Now I don’t want you to think all you need to do is sleep to get in shape but if you have been working pretty hard in the gym and eating good most days of the week but feel sluggish or are struggling with the spare tire your rest could be holding you back. More importantly if you are training hard and eating great but cutting yourself short in the sack you are asking for trouble.

In closing, if we want to be the best we can be, sleep has priority over everything. Heal your gut and participate in an efficient and all encompassing exercise program.