rebecc OHSAs CrossFit athletes around the world get ready to compete in WOD 13.4 this week, Fury Friend, CrossFitter and Asia Region Open competitor, Rebecca Mendez is on hold. Rebecca, who has visited Fury many times while visiting her parents in Buckeye, was injured in by an IED while serving in Afghanistan and can no longer compete in the Open due to her injuries.

Rebecca Mendez, a US Army soldier known by her chain of command as a hard worker and a tough little lady, Rebecca joined the Army at the age of seventeen as a Radiologist Technician, following in the footsteps of her mother who was also in the Army. She had planned to finish up after six years and go back to school but instead took another deployment opportunity as a Female Engagement Team member. Members of this team have volunteered to serve in Afghanistan as humanitarian aid to the female population of Afghan women.

rebecca armyOn March 17th, while Rebecca and her fellow soldiers were patrolling the perimeter of a location in Afghanistan, their vehicle hit an improvised explosive device (IED). The impact of the blast beneath the vehicle left Rebecca and her team with bruising, soreness, one broken nose and lots of swollen feet. Thankfully, there were no life-threatening injuries but with a thirty day recovery period and a transfer from Afghanistan to Germany and then back to Ft. Lewis, WA where she is stationed, it also left Rebecca’s goals of finishing the Open and competing in the 2013 Games something she will have to wait to do until next year. Rebecca was ranked 47th in the Asia Region after 13.2.

rebecca CFBecause her hometown is in Buckeye, AZ Mendez has spent some time here at Fury. As is standard in the CrossFit community, when Rebecca showed up at Fury, she was welcomed and encouraged as one of their own. In fact, it was at Fury where she worked with one of their coaches to get some of her first muscle ups. Fury owner, Peter Egyed, is a true supporter of our troops. Not only does he seek to help prepare them for the physical and mental obstacles they will encounter on their assignments, but he welcomes service members and trains them as one of his own when they workout at Fury.

Most recently, Fury has also added a Doctor of Physical Therapy in long time Coach and Games competitor, Will Trujillo. Will and Fury hope to help Rebecca rehab when she returns to the Valley in the next month. CrossFit Fury is thankful for all that our servicemen and women do for our country and would like to wish Rebecca Mendez the best during her recovery. We hope to see you back in the gym soon!