jackson and koleMeet Stephanie and Aaron Rogers. Parents to Kole and Jackson. Aaron is your typical hard working father who loves his wife, loves his boys and would walk over hot coals for his family. Stephanie is your typical loving and doting mother who smiles when she sees her boys wrestle with their daddy, sets an example of a healthy lifestyle and provides for them in more ways than you could count on both hands and feet. Kole and Jackson are your typical siblings. Mostly getting along and playing super heroes but also having the occasional moment of getting on each other’s nerves.

What isn’t typical is that for three days a week, Stephanie spends two hours in a hyperbaric chamber with her youngest son Jackson, who will be four in April. In fact, most of Stephanie’s weeks are filled with the question “what treatment is next?” Because after all, she would do anything for her son even the stuff that may not be considered typical.

jackson in chamberAbout a year and a half ago, Stephanie began to notice that her son might not be developing verbally in the same way as other children his age. She spoke with their pediatrician who comforted her and said that maybe he would grow out of it and to give it time. Eventually Jackson was diagnosed with a developmental speech disorder and Stephanie began to look into ways to help her little boy. At the age of two, Jackson began occupational and speech therapies. In addition to early therapy interventions, Jackson and the family have practiced gluten, grain, sugar and casein free diets and took fish oil and B12 supplements all which have been shown to improve symptoms of delayed speech. Additionally there has been continued success from the hyperbaric chamber therapies.

One night during one of her many hours of research, Stephanie found a stem cell therapy that has been shown to have a drastic impact on improving developmental delays (including speech) as well as the ability to permanently repair the damaged cells that are contributing to Jackson’s language delay. Currently, the treatment is not being offered in the United States, but in Panama City, Panama. The treatment itself and the expenses needed to travel out of the country will cost the family about $15,000. This is where the CrossFit Fury community and you come into play.

On April 6th after the Open WOD 13.5, we are rallying around one of our Fury families (Stephanie and Aaron are both CrossFit members and their son Kole is a CrossFit Kids member) to help raise the funds needed for Jackson’s treatment. The fundraiser is called “Jump 4 Jackson” and you guessed it, it will involve jump ropes!

Here are the details:

10 minute AMRAP of double unders as a team.

Teams can be comprised of 2-10 people.

Only one team member may jump at a time and judges will count total double unders completed in the time allotted.

The team with the most double unders will win the coveted trophy as well as have the honor of presenting the final check to the Rogers Family.

stephanie and jacksonTeams can raise money in any fashion. You can ask for donations, do individual pledges for each double under jumped, take team pledges or select a dollar amount for every unbroken set of 100. Be creative! This is the fun part there is not right or wrong way to get your donations. Our goal is for each team to raise at least $1,000 but any amount helps and your participation is what really matters.

Lets start submitting Team names in the comments below and start collecting donations for this young boy. How many double unders can you do in 10 min?…
Fury has done amazing things with the Breathe Later Foundation and we are looking to help make a difference together once again!

If you would like to donate online or cant make it in person here is an option for that!