Our first spotlight athlete of 2013 is one of the hardest working guys in the gym. Ken Barnes joined Fury back in April 2012. I did his first assessment and remember his excitement as well as nerves about joining. He was determined to get in better shape but extremely nervous about doing “CrossFit”. I remember him saying, “I can’t do a lot of this stuff”. I told him not to worry, you will be surprised at what you will be doing soon enough. And just like that, Ken moved through Basics and Prep and is doing things like Handstand push ups and rope climbs like a pro! Ken works hard every day and has even started working in competitor workouts when he can. Watch out for Ken, he means business!

Ken Barnes has been CrossFitting for a little over 8 months and continues to make huge improvements everyday!

Ken Barnes has been CrossFitting for a little over 8 months and continues to make huge improvements everyday!

When did you start Crossfit? I started Crossfit Fury April 23rd 2012.

Why did you start Crossfit? I was finishing up a month long physical therapy program to combat lower back pain. Lucky for me my therapist was a cross fitter herself. With a week left I asked her, “Where do I go from here”? I wanted to continue building my core and back as well as my whole body structure. Her answer to me was find a good crossfit gym and join. I went home and googled crossfit, watched some of the W.O.D.’s they were doing and thought to myself, this women is crazy. I’m almost 50 years old and recovering from a back injury, these workouts are insane and I can feel the pain just watching. She assured me at my next therapy session that this is the direction I needed to go. She emailed Peter, I met with him and here I am. She insisted that Crossfit Fury was the best Gym in the Valley and I would be taken care of. She was 100% right.

What kept you coming back/motivated? There are several things that have kept me coming back and motivated. I must start with the Trainers. I believe I have worked out under everyone at one time or another. The expertise that is show/taught to each and everyone in the Gym outstanding. I personally had never been taught proper lifting technics prior to joining Fury. I have been able to improve in every aspect of my training and attribute that to being taught correct form and having it drilled into my head by all the Trainers. Second I must say all the gym rats that I have had the PLEASURE to sweat and bleed with. Teddy, Carlos and Seve must be mentioned as they, along with everyone, have pushed me beyond what I thought I could ever accomplish. Third and I must say must importantly, about a month or more ago, probably in the middle of my Paleo challenge I was walking through the kitchen, (shirtless), and my wife told me how proud of me she was of me and was impressed to see I had my surfer body back. Now if that doesn’t push a person to continue I don’t know what will.

Ken credits  regular WOD partner, Carlos Orozco, for pushing him tio lift heavier and get stronger.

Ken credits regular WOD partner, Carlos Orozco, for pushing him tio lift heavier and get stronger.

How long did it take you to go from Basics to Prep? I worked out in Basics about 6-7 week’s with Kelly kicking my Butt prior to moving up to Crossfit Prep with Marcus. I stayed in that program of Basics and Prep another 6-7 weeks then up to full blown Crossfit. What is the best thing you have gotten out of crossfit? Well the Surfer Body comment from my wife has to rate up there pretty high. The best thing would have to be that I’m completely pain free in my lower back. I have to admit that I was scared to do the Olympic lifts and go heavy in the beginning, but the way my body has been feeling, I’m not scared anymore.

What is the one thing you have done here that you never thought you could do? When I walked in the first day there where 2 things that I told myself I did not think I would ever do. The rope climb and muscle ups. I have conquered the rope climb. We did a W.O.D. in December in which we had to do 10 rope climbs. I RX’d that W.O.D.

What is one goal you have reached? And one goal you still hope to reach? The goal I have reached would have to be that I get back into the shape I need to be in to be a Fire Fighter. I was not in terrible shape when I started Crossfit Fury, but was not in the physical shape I knew I needed to be in to perform my job to the best of my ability. I now feel very confident in my abilities to perform any task on the Fire Ground. As for one goal I still hope to reach, that would have to be the Muscle Up. That, along with a good sub-seven minute mile is two of my goals for 2013.

Ken and Carlos tackle one of Saturday's team workouts. Ken has really stepped up his game coming in on Saturdays and doing two a days.

Ken and Carlos tackle one of Saturday’s team workouts. Ken has really stepped up his game coming in on Saturdays and doing two a days.

How has your diet changed since starting Crossfit? I started a modified Paleo diet about a month after joining Fury. I since participated in a Paleo challenge with Peter and Julie Brown and discounting the Holidays, (a piece of pie) have stuck to the Paleo lifestyle.

How has the Paleo diet affected your workouts/life? What a difference it has made in both. I have such a better recover time after workouts along with increase in performance. I feel great and have changed certain issue with my health. Just a few would be that I can’t say I’ve had a headache since changing my diet and I guess I was lactose intolerant and did not know it until I gave up the dairy during the Paleo challenge.

Additional Comment: I would personally like to thank each trainer, Peter, Aimee, Will, Josh, Deana, Kelly, Marcus, Alfred, Leah and Britney. You all have been a great help in bringing back to life the physically fit body I had under all the lazy fat. I feel as fit as I did the day I graduated from the Fire Fighter academy, most likely even better. I believe that it would help everyone in the Gym to do at least one Paleo challenge. You may think you have your eating under control but this group of trainers that will watch your diet for you will help tremendously in zeroing in on the proper way to fuel your body. I am a different person both mentally and physically from the one that walked into Fury 8 months ago and for that I’m very grateful.