Here are the workouts for the Furious Five Fundraiser.  Weights are listed for Men, Co-ed and female teams respectively.  Each workout will have a 10 minute cap and run in an “Every Rep Counts” format if not completed within the time cap.

Crossfit Workout – See this video for a demonstration

Each member must do at least one rep at each step of the ladder.  Each step must be completed before the next step can be started.

30 Partner Burpees

25 Ground to Overhead (135, 115, 95)

20 Pullups

15 Thrusters (135, 115, 95)

10 Right Arm Kettle bell Overhead Squats (53, 53/35, 35)

10 Left Arm Kettle bell Overhead Squats (53, 53/35, 35)

15 Thrusters (135, 115, 95)

20 Pullups

25 Ground to Overhead (135, 115, 95)

30 Partner Burpees


Firefighter Workout:  Each stage of this chipper needs to be completed before the team moves on to the next stage together.  Video demonstration

Partner A bear crawls 200 feet while Partner B sledge drives a 45lb plate 40 feet.

When both athletes are finished, switch places; Partner B bear crawls while Partner A sledge drives the same plate.

Rope Climbs (8 for men, 6 for co-ed, 4 for women)

30 Box Jump Overs

Partner water carry 15 gallons for 160 meters

10 gallon minimum required by end of carry or repeat to completion

Partner A buddy carries Partner B 80 meters

Partner B buddy carries Partner A 80 meters to finish line


Police Workout: At the start of the workout the team’s clock starts and is locked into a box.  The first half of the workout earns you the right to see the combination one time.  The second part of the workout earns you the chance to open the box with the combination from memory. Video demonstration


Stage 1:

Partner A runs a 50m shuttle run and tags partner B

Partner B runs a 50m shuttle run

20 simultaneous games style push-ups

Partner A runs a 50m shuttle run and tags partner B

Partner B runs a 50m shuttle run

Partner A buddy drags Partner B 25m

Partner B buddy drags Partner A back 25m

Team gets to view combination for as long as desired before moving on to next stage

Stage 2:

Partner A begins rowing toward a team cumulative total of calories

Partner B begins obstacle course

Lunge step with 5kg plate in shooter’s position for 25m

Zig zag cone run

Scale 2 walls

Return to partner

Partners switch places and repeat

When second team member returns AND total calories has met the minimum (50 women, 60 co-ed, 70 men) both team members move to the box to open it and stop their timer.


In the event a team completes the course but cannot open the lock, they may view the combination again if they buddy drag 25m to the combination and 25m back to the box.  Any number of calories over the minimum will be a tie breaker for teams unable to open the box after completing the O-course.


These 3 workouts will run simultaneously with each division completing all heats at one workout before rotating to the next workout.  There will be a 1 hour break between rotations and heat order will be adjusted to place top teams in the final heat of the next rotation.  The schedule will run very tightly with 125 teams (250 athletes) completing unique and challenging workouts.  You need to be registered by 7:30 and ready for your heat on each rotation.  It is up to you and your partner to get to the right workout at the right time for your heat.  Heat times will be posted with designated lanes.  Do not miss your heat.


Tomorrow’s event will be a ton of fun with a lot of action and great performances.  Get there early and be ready for some hard work.