The most important part of any competition, Judges!

With our Furious Five now in the record books and the new facility just about finished, we see how with teamwork even the impossible can be achieved. We originally planned the Furious Five to be held on October 20th with a maximum capacity of 100 teams. When we opened registration it took only a few weeks for the event to be completely sold out! At the same time, the expansion project was falling behind schedule hand over fist and we had to make the tough decision to postpone the event.

First we contacted the organizers Todd Miller and Michael Moseley who with great professionalism supported us in making the right decision. After contacting all of the participants it was clear you all were in it to win it with not a single cancel from date change! With an extra month under our belt, we were focused and on a mission to build the best possible facility in the state!

Early on, the demolition.

None of this would have been possible without the support of our members, staff and some great local professionals. The long nights, countless hours and “all hands on deck” mentality got the job finished and in record time. Enough cannot be said for everyone who worked behind the scenes, selflessly, to reach the common goal.

9am unloading 4 – 700lb IBeams

Specifically, our Contractor Ron Barret with Build LLC was the Boss that tied up all the lose ends. With out him we would still be in demolition, or shut down by the city! Nathan with Certa Pro Painters put up with our color scheme changes without a second glance and helped steer us in the right direction. Kory with Exceptional Floor Coverings Inc told me from the start that he had the bathrooms and his guys must have snuck in during the night because just like that we had showers and a great restroom! My electricians, Tim who got suckered in by his brother JJ and Mark Schurkens who also built the box jumps literally got the lights turned on the just days ago really came through in the clutch. Bryan Treguboff designed and built our sinks and water fountains and Aaron Rogers came through made sure all our plumbing ran smoothly. These guys worked countless nights in the last few weeks getting things done and without you.

Final days before competition

Organizing 246 people through four separate workouts is no easy task and it could not have been done without significant planning and preparation. Thank you to our planning committee who met week after week ironing out the details of the event. Finally to my staff, family and most importantly girlfriend, who put up with me through this whole ordeal, thank you.

To all of our Fury members, we have a few more hoops to jump through with the city so classes will make use of the space behind the new gym, as well as our old daycare and restrooms as needed. Thank you for you patience and within a few days time the new place will be fully operational!

We are absolutely thrilled for what the future has in store for all of us and we look forward to many more great events! Thanks to everyone who participated!

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