Bomb Squad team member, Ryann Roberts, prepares for WOD 1 battling it out with fellow CrossFitter, Al Rojas.

So you have been asking and we are finally listening-9am CrossFit class has been added to the schedule! Starting October 29th, we will have a 9am CrossFit Class. There has been some requests for a 12pm CrossFit class and while we are not going to add a class, we would consider moving the 10:30 class. However, a poll taken during today’s 10:30 class was 5 to 1 not to move it, sorry Greg H. Round up 4 more peeps and we will let you all duke it out! But as for now, 10:30 stays and no 12pm class.

The Run/Endurance Club is back and will meet every Tuesday at 9am and 5:30pm. Run club is a great way to work on our longer distance running and rowing as well as testing our true cardio and pushing us for faster short distance runs. Yoga is still Thursdays at 7pm but we are no longer charging members. It is free all the time and we strongly recommend it! Stretching is key to our flexibility and overall body/muscle recovery so please take advantage of free Yoga.

Recently we held our Saturday classes at Goodyear Ballpark in support of the Special Olympics and the Goodyear PD.

This Saturday we are closed because of the SicEst of the Southwest Competition at the Convention Center, but we will open again next Saturday, the 27th with our regular schedule. Just a heads up, we have some very busy Saturdays coming up and might be closed or hosting our Free Class off site. Here is our schedule through November:
Saturday, Oct. 20th-Closed
Saturday, Oct. 27th-Open, Regular Schedule
Saturday, Nov. 3rd-Free Class & CrossFit WOD at EMCC* for Family Bike Rodeo and 5K
Saturday, Nov. 10th-TBD-Lift It/Love It Competition in Scottsdale
Saturday, Nov. 17th-FURIOUS 5
Saturday, Nov. 24th-Open Regular Schedule
Saturday, Dec. 1st-Free Class and CrossFit WOD at Litchfield Park Rec Center

*EMCC-Estrella Mountain Community College

Speaking of schedules and class times, please try your best to be on time for class. It is very important to get a good warm up in and not rush into WODs cold. If you are running late, even 5 minutes, maybe you could run an errand or work on a lift or skill until the next class. We understand sometimes it is unavoidable, we just ask you to be mindful of it. Thanks in advance for helping with this.

Lastly, good luck to all those competing tomorrow. We will try to keep you posted throughout the day but you can watch it streamed live here.