With our eyes set firmly on the 2013 Games Season and the occupation of the new facility only weeks away, now is a great time to share our programming plans with you. We have a lot in store for the Basics and Prep classes once the move is made but let me start with the Competitors and CrossFit class.

CrossFitters if you have been paying attention, you’ll have noticed a general theme of how the classes run Monday – Friday. Now dont think that we are giving up on the “Constant Variation” definition of CrossFit but instead we are making sure ample time is dedicated to our weightlifting, metabolic conditioning and gymnastic abilities.

Mondays you can expect an emphasis on heavy lifts and short brutal WODS. There is nothing better then starting the week out with a swift kick to the pituitary if you ask me… Tuesdays will focus on significant interval work, improving our high skilled gymnastic abilities and some higher volume bodyweight WODS. Wednesdays we will take things back to the barbell because strength makes a huge difference! We will also ratchet up the volume on the workout as well(its rest day tomorrow) and throw in some significant goat time. Additionally, because of the interval work on Tuesdays, we are moving our Endurance Club to Wednesdays. This is where it fits in best with our current programming. Fridays I would expect to see a little bit of everything Barbells, Bodyweight and Running, and the same goes for Saturday.

When the workouts are posted and you see CrossFits lifts and WODS as well as Competitor work or individual time, I am hoping that this is done in two separate training sessions. For stress and recovery reasons, I dont encourage anyone to extend training sessions past 90 min in duration. Go grab a meal, take a nap and come back in a few to hit it even harder! Additionally in the new facility, all weightlifting sessions will be posted on the whitebaord every Sunday for the whole week, this way you can pick and chose your individual work more appropriately. WODS will still be posted day of.

Prep members there is a lot coming your way as well! Once the move is made, there will be small barbell and bodyweight complexes to be completed at low intensity after your Basics WOD to help you progress and master these movements even faster!

Finally, there are still many local competitions for all of us to take part in before the Open starts next year. These local comps are great opportunities for all of us to make mistakes and learn from them. That is how we get better and truly are prepared for Game Day, plus they really are a ton of fun! Check out the whiteboard in the gym for all of the upcoming events!