CrossFit Kids Coach, Josh, works with our Elementary kids class introducing them to the rowers.

We hear countless stories from our members about the amazing changes and progress they see after coming to Fury. Over and Over again I hear people say that they wish they had found this when they were younger. “Imagine how much better I would have done in sports,” or “I never would have gotten out of shape.” Knowing what you know now, almost all of us would love to have started a program like this in our youth.

At Crossfit Fury, kids have that chance. Crossfit Fury has a progression of classes that take kids from enjoying fitness at an early age to preparing them for the demands of sports and life as they get older. We tailor the program for each age group to accommodate their developmental needs as well as making fitness motivating. Our Elementary Kids program (4-8 years) is focused on getting kids moving and making it fun. We teach them how to move safely and efficiently while working on building their base of strength and coordination. We play lots of games and keep the whole session fun, always leaving them wanting more.

Our Advanced Kids program (9-13) shifts focus towards more general conditioning and skill work. We teach more technique based movements and challenge them with workouts that develop more advanced strength and conditioning. We scale for each child, making this a good class for a kid who just needs to get moving or a kid who wants a leg up when his sport’s season starts back up. The Student Athlete class (13 and up) really starts to dial in the intensity and prepares the athletes for the rigors of team sports in high school and beyond. This class includes more of the olympic and power lifts as well as a focus on coordination and body awareness.

Our Student Athlete program includes team training with local competitive teams including the ’99 Banat Soccer team and the Hammer Girls Soccer team.

In all of these classes the kids learn to push themselves beyond their limits and they are rewarded with results and improvements. We have seen kids progress through the classes and become phenomenal athletes. Many of our athletes go on to participate, and dominate, in team sports using the strong foundation they built in this system. We have also seen other kids begin to enjoy working out and being active. They learn to establish healthy habits of exercise and activity that will last them a lifetime. If you know a child 4 years old or older who loves to move, needs to get moving, or wants to learn to move better, check out our Crossfit Kids program at Crossfit Fury. You will not be disappointed.