The Furious 5:Forces Unite is a competition meant to bring firefighters, police officers and CrossFitters from all over Arizona together to battle it out in true CrossFit fashion with the unknown and unknowable on the line and to honor our local heroes!

The event, on Saturday, Octoner 13th, will consist of a 3 Partner workouts held at CrossFit Fury’s new 15,000 sqft facility and co-organized by CrossFit Flagstaff and CrossFit Now. It will have men’s, women’s, and co-ed teams. Teams will compete in 3 events-a firefighter themed wod, a swat team themed wod and a CrossFit style wod. There will be prizes for the top team in each category. Registration is $50 per team and will open September 1st.

Mark your calendars and start looking for your best partner. The Furious 5 is not to be missed!