Almost as soon as our 2012 games experience was over we started revisiting the process and events. We learned a lot of lessons and had a great time competing as a team and representing everyone at
Fury over the weekend. While things may not have ended the way we would have liked, it was still an amazing experience.

Our first event of the weekend was a back-to-back effort of sprinting followed by a sled push/pull event. We started with a 6×415 relay event. All 6 members had to run a 415m lap around the track for a total time as a score. All of those track practices paid off with all of the girls running 415m in under 70 seconds and the guys all under 63 seconds. Ours was a fast heat. We took 4th in our heat but 6th overall. This was our 2nd best finish of the weekend.

When the run clock hit 11 minutes we started a 6 person sled push. This was a 750 lb sled loaded with 165 lbs in plates. We pushed it 100 yards then attached 2 ropes for 4 members to pull while 2 pushed the sled back to the start line. This event did not go well for us. There were some other big strong teams that also struggled with this one. We aren’t exactly sure what happened, but we fell short a bit and came in 31st overall. But, when things were going poorly for our team on that push, we never gave up. Coming out of these 2 workouts we were in 17th place.

Workouts #3 and 4 took us into the stadium. Here we were given 4 minutes to find each member’s 2 rep max front squat. We worked like a well oiled pit crew and made it through everyone’s lifts in under 3 minutes. We even had time for 3 people to go back and try for heavier lifts. Everyone stepped up and lifted their true max with several PRs being set. We finished in 10th for the men’s squat weight and 11th for the women’s

Immediately after the front squats came a pairs chipper. Each team was broken into 3 pairs of 1 man and 1 woman. The pairs worked through stations where a set amount of work had to be completed, but reps only counted when the other partner was maintaining a static hold. The big surprise of this workout was the use of fat bars for a front rack hold, overhead hold and thrusters. This added a little
challenge to the workout, but we were ready. Fury finished the workout in the 4 th fastest time. After this workout we were in 8th place and excited about our outlook for day two.

Saturday morning started with a 3 min yoke walk at 370 lbs for men and 230 lbs for women. The catch was the use of a new yoke with the weight hanging from chains. This became incredibly hard and left us all looking pretty uncoordinated. We made it just under 60 yards, which put us in 33 rd place. This was a very new movement for us and it showed. Lesson learned.

Immediately after the yoke incident was a more classic crossfit workout. The women were to complete a total of 30 clean and jerks at 135 lbs followed by 20 rope climbs to 20 feet. After that the men would do the same with 185 pounds. Unfortunately, the rope proved to more difficult than we had anticipated. The ladies did great on the clean and jerks and got through 13 climbs quickly. Then the 5
extra feet of height began to add up and the Bomb Squad got stuck. The ladies showed amazing heart on this workout. They put their heart on the line for the entire time and never gave up trying to make it up that rope. Things may not always go the way you want, but the character these women showed made me proud to be their teammate.

We were now in 17th place again headed into the final night. This event started with 3 minutes for maximum reps of bar muscle ups with women and men scored separately. We came into this one feeling good. We cycled well and squeezed in every possible rep. Again, several of us hit PRs. The competition was very stiff, however, and some of the teams came into this workout with amazing skill
and readiness. We placed 24th for men and 13th for women.

As that event ended we headed into a ‘conveyor belt’ style chipper. Each member had to complete 30 reps of GHDs, deadlifts, double unders, overhead squats and pull-ups. A member could not advance
until the station ahead of them was clear. Only 9 of the 43 teams finished this event and we were the 9th. Everyone put their heart on the line and it showed as Aimee finished her last pull-ups in singles on horribly torn hands.

When the dust settled we ended in 17th place. This was definitely not what we set out to accomplish. We leave the games with a bitter sweet taste in our mouths. While we had higher expectations, we
know that we did everything we could and it was still a great experience. I am incredibly proud to have been a member of this 6 person team, but more importantly I am proud to represent everyone at Fury in Goodyear. We cannot say thank you enough to all of the people that came out to Carson to support us, Ryann Roberts for his magic hands and amazing skills, Carren Coffman for the great food all week and the whole Fury crew back in Arizona for the support from afar. Over the past 3 years our team has come a long way and we now know what we need to do to make it into the last day. Thank you for the support Fury, and look for us to be a force again in 2013.