2012 marks the sixth straight year CrossFit Fury has been represented at the CrossFit Games, making us one of a very small group to compete in every Games competition to date!

Peter competed in the first four Games, the first three of which were at The Ranch in Aromas, CA from 2007-2009. Peter and Marcus actually drove out to Aromas for the inaugural Games in July 2007 and camped out over the weekend to compete in the two day competition where they finished tenth and nineteenth respectively. I distinctly remember Peter talking about going to this thing called the Games and thinking it was a long way to go for a small little competition! Wow, to think how wrong I was and to see how far it has come since July 2007 is unimaginable.

In 2008, Peter and Leah both competed individually and found that the competition had definitely stepped up as they both finished middle of the pack. Leaving this competition, Peter was focused to open a facility where he and other athletes could successfully train for the Game and compete with the fittest in the world. Within 4 months of the Games CrossFit Fury was open we officially began building the Bomb Squad!

2009 CrossFit GamesIt was in 2009 that we sent both an individual, Peter, and our first team, the Bomb Squad, consisting of current coaches Britney and Leah as well as TJ Barber and Ben Wagner. After the dust settled, Peter finished in sixth place and the Bomb Squad in twenty-first. It has been said by many that this was the “toughest year ever” in the history of the Games because between a 7k mountain run, 505lb dead lifts and much more, work capacity, recovery and volume were pushed to the limits.

In 2010, everything changed-the Games had outgrown the capacity of The Ranch and was moved to the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. They added an extra level of competition, which started as Sectionals and then became what most of us know now as the Open. Peter, TJ and Britney, as well as the Bomb Squad, all competed in Sectionals and qualified for Regionals. Peter took first, Britney finished thirteenth and the Bomb Squad finished twenty-second. At the Games, Peter came out strong with a great performance in his first “Amanda” and stayed strong throughout the weekend. Despite one bad judgment call in his lift at the end of Pyramid Double Helen, Peter made it to the final workout on Sunday and the brutal triplet that pumped Peter up in the standings to finish tenth overall.

2011 marked another year of big changes as Reebok became the title sponsor of the CrossFit Games and the Open became a worldwide competition that lasted six weeks. After the Open, Peter and the Bomb Squad, consisting of Aimee, Britney, Katie Jo, Will, TJ and Alfred, headed to Denver, Colorado for the Southwest Regional. After three long days and six strenuous workouts, the Bomb Squad took third and a spot to the Games. Unfortunately, Peter was taken out of contention for qualifying for the Games due to a tough performance in Amanda. However, he did a take on a new role as coach for the Bomb Squad.

The Games in 2011 were unlike any other, not only were there more fans, athletes and vendors but overall more excitement surrounding the entire event. Team athletes checked in the Wednesday before the Games and were given a plethora of apparel and swag. Individual athletes had a few skill tests like swimming and softball tosses to practices while the teams pondered what was in store for them. Then, all of the competitors met in the stadium to go over rules and meet with the press. On Thursday night we were invited to an athlete dinner and briefing where all guessing ended as the first workouts were introduced and the strategizing began.

The individuals were hit with a grueling workout involving an ocean swim, while the teams had to tackle a deceiving sandbag workout. The Bomb Squad, with a new roster of Aimee, Britney, Katie Jo, Josh, Gareth and TJ, went in the first heat with a plan that eventually back fired and left them in the bottom of the pack. The second workout favored the Bomb Squad with a max effort rope climb in two minutes followed by a max effort clean. When the dust settled, the Bomb Squad finished seventh in the workout, their best placement in any workout of the weekend. Saturday held two more grueling workouts, the first consisting of muscle ups, deadlifts, GHDs and sprints and the second a there and back of push press, box jumps, the killer cage, double unders and cycling. Fury held its own but did not qualify for Sunday’s winner takes all event.

After five years of competing at the Games, Fury is well versed in the Games competition, but can we ever say we know what is going to be thrown at us??? Absolutely not. After the 2012 Open, four individuals qualified for Regionals (Will (7th), Peter (23rd), Aimee (13th) and Deana (40th)) but we all decided we had a better chance to make the podium at the Games as a team instead of as individuals. So it was up to the Bomb Squad to get through Regionals and get us to the Games for the sixth year in a row. Making the Games wasn’t exactly our biggest concern, it was placing first on the podium that we really wanted and despite some valiant effort and unfortunately some questionable judging on WOD 4, Fury ended up tying for second with last year Games’ second place finishers, Front Range CrossFit.

Heading into event 6, it appeared as if another trip to the Games were a sure bet, but we were not happy with third. We wanted second and even though we tied for second overall, Front Range CrossFit had better placings over the course of the weekend and we ended up taking third overall, as well as, our second consecutive trip to the Games. With two weeks until the Games and our training in full effect, the Bomb Squad is ready for everything and anything. We have all the top teams in our sights and nothing is going to get in our way. We wanted first at Regionals and didn’t get it so you better believe it’s first we will be taking at the 2012 CrossFit Games. Watch out, the Bomb Squad is going to BLOW UP the competition.