It’s that time of year again…the school buses are gone for summer and that means schools out! It also means that the daycare is getting busier and it is packed at certain times. We love your little guys and gals but we have to make sure we have the safest accommodations for them. So with that said, we are going to start a new check in system. We will try and make this as simple as possible.

Starting June 4th, we are asking all parents to drop their kids off through the front door marked CrossFit Fury Kids. We are asking that parents no longer walk their kids through the gym from the front office or the back bay doors. I realize if you park out back that is a problem but we will ask our members without kids to park out back to leave spaces open in the front for our members with kids. Safety is our main concern so we need to institute some new rules to avoid any chance of injury-both kids and adults.

As for the check in process, we are asking that if you have more than two children or a baby under 18 month’s old, that you call ahead and reserve your time slot. You can book slots a week a head or take your chances and call before you come but we will be maxed out at 4 infants and 15 kids total at one time. Time slots are 1 hour long and if you reserve your spot and do not cancel 4 hours prior to your reservation, you will be charged a drop in fee. Again, we do not want to make things more complicated or inconvenience you in any way but this is for the safety of your children. If we have a large number of requests for one time slot we will add a second person in the room but we will need to have everyone pre-registered in order to accommodate that.

Also, if you use the daycare on a drop in basis, you do not need to call ahead unless you need it at 8am, 9am, 5pm or 6pm. Those seem to be the busiest time slots at the moment and I would hate to have to turn anyone away if we do not have room. The same rules will apply if you do not show up for your scheduled reservation.

Lastly, we would ask all parents to make sure kids are not playing in the gym (pull up bar or grass side) unattended at any time especially during class times. We love to let the kids run around and play on the rings and ropes but it’s just not safe with our numbers right now. We need to keep the kids out of the main gym all together, using the front Kids room door to drop off and pick up our kids from now on.

Remember we have 2-5 CrossFit Kids classes per week as well as Camp Fury going on now in which the kids can play on the equipment, learn how to rope climb and even do some gymnastics on the cool new red mats. Please bring your kids to those classes/events and let them play! If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me anytime. Again, these rules will go into effect on Monday, June 4th.