An absolutely amazing weekend has passed in Castle Rock, Colorado and six individuals and three teams will be moving on to the CrossFit Games in July, with CrossFit Fury’s Bomb Squad as one of them! Never before have I seen such inspirational performances at a regional event from individuals such as Games legend Chris Spealler and 17-year old Colleen Maher but also some hometown hero’s like Nick Zambruno, Michael Moseley, Amanda DeRosa, Christopher Gartrell and Team CrossFit Scottsdale! We are super proud and honored to be a part of all of this and very excited to make another trip to the CrossFit Games!

On the team side of things, it was obvious very quickly that there were some highly competitive teams in the South West which left no room for error. As you read in our Day One and Two Recap Hacks Pack UTE and Front Range CrossFit came to win but obviously the Bomb Squad had our sights on the Games as well. Two third place finishes in day one set us up well and we started day two with a first place finish which really heated things up! Unfortunately very tough standards in the fourth workout dropped us down to a sixth place finish but we were able to hold on to third overall. Coming into the final day we had to shake off any disappointment from the previous day and kill the next two workouts… and thats exactly what we did!

As a team we shined on the snatch ladder but Deana and Will lit the whole arena up with a 150lb pr and 255lb pr respectively! If we had an athlete of the year award these two would have to knife fight for it…

Following this was the final team workout which included Muscle Ups, Dead lifts, Wall Balls, Partner Carries, Buddy Box Jumps and of course more Muscle ups. Entering this event the Bomb Squad was in third but only two points away from second which meant we had to beat the second place team by two and we were focused. Will and I got through the mens portion in third place, but ahead of the second place team Front Range and handed off to the ladies. Aimee and Katie jammed through the muscle ups, booked it through the wall balls and killed the buddy carry. It all came down to which team could get through the last two muscle ups fastest. MBS and Hacks finished first and second, then the Bomb Squad and fourth was CrossFit the Club. At this point we were tied in points with Front Range and they still had one more girl who needed a muscle up. At the same time, CrossFit Max Effort completed their first muscle up and were attempting the second, as the seconds passed emotions ran high and Front Range finished securing their second place spot.

With Regionals now behind us and emotions settling down, lets take a few moments to remember what is most important. First and foremost regardless of how the odds apear to be stacked against you never give up because anything can happen. Looking at the workouts a few weeks ago, it could be assumed no male under 180lbs would have a chance of qualifying. With high reps of heavy barbells and a Snatch ladder that climbed to nearly 300lbs you would think all smaller guys would be out. However determination, heart and great training goes along way and I am not only talking about Chris Spealler here, but many other athletes from our own great state! Now with almost two months till the Games we will continue top refine our strength and focus on our weaknesses. Thank you to each and everyone of you for you support through the weekend and you have absolutely no idea how much it means to us!