Day 1 proved to be an exciting day with world records and a fierce team competition. The Bomb Squad came into the day knowing there would be some tough competition going up against, 2nd place 2011 Games finishers Front Range from Denver, Colorado and Hack’s Pack led by Games Veterans Tommy Hackenbruck and Taylor Richards-Lindsay from CrossFit UTE in Utah. But the Bomb Squad was strong and can hang with the best of them.

Peter, Will, Deana and Katie Jo took on team Diane and finished in 5:15, for third place in the region and fourth so far world wide in that workout! Front Range set the world record for this workout with a time of 4:55. All Fury competitors we amazingly in sync on the deadlifts and killed the handstand push-ups. The Bomb Squad’s key to this workout was going unbroken on the deadlifts and keeping the handstand push-ups to one round per athlete. On the individual side, Games veteran, Chris Spealler broke the world record for the men’s individual Diane with an amazing time of 1:53! An absolutely spectacularly quick thing to watch!

The second team workout started mid afternoon, with Josh, Deana, Peter and myself taking on the 1000 meter row, 25 pistols and 15 heavy hang cleans. The Bomb Squad had run through the workout in a few different variations and was confident they would finish well under the 25 minute cap. I started off the workout, followed by Josh then Deana and Peter brought it home with a time of 18:36, tying CrossFit Evolve for third place in that workout. Hack’s Pack broke the team world record in this workout with a time of 17:21-ten seconds faster than any other team worldwide. Another Games veteran, Matt Chan, broke a world record on the Men’s individual workout cruising through the 2000 meter row, 50 pistols and 30 hang cleans in 12:04!

Fury ended the day in third place with 6 points and just 3 points behind Front Range and UTE who are both tied for first with 3 points.

Today, the Bomb Squad took on two more heavy and intense workouts starting with the heavy dumbbell snatch and sprint wod. Will and Deana got the call and they killed it! They were both steady and strong throughout the whole 5 minutes and 46 seconds it took them to complete three rounds of 10 alternating dumbbell snatches (Will’s at 100lbs and Deana’s at 70lbs) followed by a decreasing sprint. The Bomb Squad took first in the wod, a good 26 seconds ahead of any other team. Games veteran, Jasmine Dever continued the streak of world records, crushing the ladies’ dumbbell/ sprint workout in 4:57.

Workout two or the “Human Rack” workout proved to be a lot tougher than we thought not because we weren’t prepared but the squat standard was extremely tough and cost the team quite a few reps. The workout consisted of a variety of squats, pull ups and push presses with the team working together so that the bar never touched the ground in between partner changes and pull ups! The Bomb Squad pulled through and finished 6th overall. Still no team has finished the workout under the 25 minute cap.

Heading into Day 3, the Bomb Squad is in third place with a total of 13 points, just two points from second place behind Hack’s Pack and Front Range CrossFit. Tomorrow, the team will take on the snatch ladder where all 6 athletes will get a chance to snatch their heaviest weight for a team total. Look for that to begin at 8am (7am in Phoenix). The second workout will bring Peter, Will, Katie Jo and myself together for a crazy workout that has the men going first. The workout includes everything from muscle ups, to static holds and partner farmer carries-it’s sure to be a good one to watch. Hang on Fury fans, we are almost there!

Speaking of Fury fans, huge shout outs go out to Bob and Tyleen Rentfro, Julio and Melanie Laboy, Jen Lord, Brandi Kalafat, Stephanie Savage, Julie Brown, Mark Schurkens, Rachel Aja, Kelly, Alyssa, Jocelyn, Big Pete, Uncle Curt, Zoli, Alfred, Carren, Aubri and of course Ryann and Teri Roberts. Thank you for all making the trek to Colorado with us and being a HUGE presence in the crowd for us! We had such a presence, they sent a media crew to our tent in Tent City to interview our amazing members.