Towards the end of last year we were toying around with the idea of starting a running club. Nothing crazy but just an extra opportunity for our members to spend some time together putting foot to pavement(or trail) and increasing our capacity on the slightly longer end of things. Finally three weeks ago we started it on a whim with a little run followed by a row. We did it on a Tuesday at 9am and 5pm and I’d say a dozen people total participated that day.

Today we had nearly 30 people take part in a nearly four mile run with a pit stop for pushups in the middle. Luckily we were able to utilize the shade of a local building, whose purpose we weren’t sure of… Needless to say we are very excited for everyones enthusiasm for the club and while we have no idea where it is going I would encourage everyone to get in on it while the weather is as nice as it is. If things go as planned we should be offering a swimming club before too long.

Thanks for all the support and see you next Tuesday at 9am and 5pm!