It is that time of year again and you can feel the desire in the air. There is something about the first few warm days each spring, and more specifically running in them, that reminds me of the Games. Thinking back to that original trip Marcus and I made in 2007, its safe to say he and I would have never guessed where we would be today. Its been an amazing journey and even more amazing is the team we have developed around us. I once heard a quote that goes something like “surround yourself with people better then yourself” and it struck a cord with me, and since that day I have been working to make it true. We are seeing individuals, when given the opportunity truly shine lately at the gym and it simply proves how strong we are together.

With that said it gives me great pride to introduce the 2012 Bomb Squad who will be representing Fury this Games season. For the ladies we will be led by Aimee, Deana and Katie Jo and on the mens side Will, Josh and myself round things out and we are committed to taking it all the way. Let it be known that tough decisions were made by many and this in no ways signals the end of individual competitors from Fury. We are more then confident in our individuals, from this experience we will train and produce teams that compete in the Games for years to come. The Bomb Squad is here to stay and this game is ours.

There is less then four weeks until regionals, are you ready?