What did you eat for dinner last night? For some of us that is quite a loaded question, and perhaps something we never paid any attention to or thought was important. Perhaps all the “good stuff” isn’t the best way to fuel all these grueling CrossFit workouts you’ve recently gotten yourself into.

I for one had no clue how to go about the refueling process or get the absolute most out of my training habits. The hands down best thing I ever did was dive head first into the paleo challenge and finally educate myself on smart choices with the support of a great group of fellow Fury members.

Even more awesome than participating in a paleo challenge, is now I get the privilege of leading paleo challenges. As a trainer it is one of the most fulfilling experiences to help people take one of the most important steps in health as well as educate them on why we embrace the caveman lifestyle. I do admit it is a bit heart wrenching during week one to take everybody to Sprouts and stand on my meat based soap box and take away everyone’s delicious treats. Week two is equally hard because many of us feel some adverse effects and start to think, “I don’t know if I can do this.” But than something miraculous happens. Person after person comes up to me and starts telling me changes they have noticed, that paleo is working for them.

Whether it is a fireman resisting firehouse grub and losing 19 pounds, someone breaking out pants from ten years ago, or even my favorite problem children BBD (Mr. Fairbanks and J-Train) going from 12 minutes of jumping pullups to RX’d in a matter of 30 days, the changes are boundless. I have the opportunity so sit back and see all these groundbreaking changes and the positive attitudes flourish all by simply changing the way we think about nutrition.

With all that being said, the next paleo challenge will be rolling out soon. Take a look at the pull up bar, rower or nemesis of your choice and just envision what a difference 30 days could make.