Having your meals, at least a good portion of them, planned out ahead of time is the first step to successful nutriton. We are fortunate to have such great access to food at every turn, the real work is making the right choices. After the 12.2 Open WOD on Saturday, Will took the next group of Paleo Challengers on a shopping trip for success at Sprouts. For the next eight weeks this group will be working as a whole group and in pairs to solidify a long term Paleo eating plan to fuel for success.

The seasons are changing and with the extra hours of sunshine comes a greater amount of produce that is fresh and in season, which provides the biggest nutritional punch per fork full. We are not alone in this desire and where we spend our money makes a difference. There are quite a few farmers markets in the area that provide produce that is grown here locally. The amount of fuel needed to keep our supermarkets stocked is beyond excessive so the closer your food is grown the better for everyone! If your food is packaged, boxed and has ingredients you really need to check yourself.

Next time you go shopping, do everything you can to purchase wild, free range and grass fed animal products and your produce needs to be local and varying with the seasons. Search for local farmers markets, I usually frequent the Sunday morning market at the Wigwam, but I think there are a few throughout the week and on Saturdays around town. If we all ate local and seasonal as much as we could, obesity would not be the government’s business. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and here comes 12.3!