It was about 5 months ago when we began exploring the idea of providing our student athlete program to specific teams. Due to a few connections through the gym we partnered up with the Banat Soccer program and began working with their 99’s team. Josh and the Kids Program has worked with a few kids teams in the past and did a great job with it, but this was the first time for the Student Athlete Program and Will took the job running.

Every Wednesday night these kids come and work on agility, body awareness, core strength and even the beginnings of barbell lifting. These guys literally can run for days so Will put them through grueling workouts, which after watching their game this past weekend its paid off.

This past Saturday was one of the final games determining the seating for State Championships in March. Our team already had a spot but today’s game had first place on the line… While I may personally not like to have a lead going into competitions, I can definitely understand the pride of being in first place in the state.

Early in the first half the other team scored a goal and in general dominated the field. Things were not looking good and did I mention we were short two of our starting players due to an injury and some technicalities during a previous game… tensions were tight to say the least. As the players came back on the field in the second half something clicked and with one player short they were able to score three goals and shut the other team down for the entire half!

It was a very exciting game watching these youngsters demonstrate their athleticism and determination to overcome what was starting to feel like an unbeatable team. It was more then obvious that during the final minutes of the second half when legs and minds were tired, they had what it took to bring home the win! Congratulations young men and we will see you Wednesday for more training and a lesson on the importance of sportsmanship.