Every single person in this gym has hurdles which they would like to overcome- muscle ups, 100kg snatch, an injury or completing as many burpees in 7 minutes without dying! We all have our personal demons in the gym but have we considered our demons outside of the gym? Most of us are in constant battle with ourselves and don’t even know it. Everyday you walk in the gym, you are battling the fight for a healthier life but are you still fighting when you go home and chow down on a big double cheeseburger or huge slice of pizza washed down with a coke and some cookies for dessert?

We all need to remember healthier living is more than just being in shape….we have to fuel our bodies well in order to get that muscle up or walk away from 7 minutes of burpee hell. Why not make the full commitment to achieving your healthy lifestyle by eating right and if you need a little help-we are here for you. Take the plunge and dive into our latest version of the paleo challenge, let it be the final piece to your puzzle.

For our new members we offer nutritional counseling, meal plans, shopping trips, planned workouts, and most importantly a supported and dedicated group to help you through the transition from bad eating to healthy living! To our members who have participated before, this paleo challenge will be new and definitely not just a re-run of past events. I can’t let you in on all the details in the initial post because I have a few surprises to be announced in the first week of the challenge…. But if you are up for a challenge and want to step up your game, I invite you to take on the 8 week Breaking Barriers Challenge.

The challenge starts Sunday, March 4th with a shopping trip to Sprouts (time to be announced). If you are interested, see Aimee!