Fury rocked the house this weekend at the City of Goodyear’s Heart and Sole 5K with well over 40 participants and loads of support from quite a few others! It was truly a joy during the awards ceremony having at least one person from every age category place in the top three and I know at least once (20-25 male) we swept the top three! With that said absolutely nothing compared to Courtney, Karen and Wes from Kelly’s 7am Masters class completing their first 5k ever! The entire Fury crew was there at the finish line cheering them on as they crossed and try to imagine what an event that was for them… it honestly is never too late to get on a serious path to fitness.

After the race we headed back to the gym for Prep class and some good ol fashioned slow lifting followed by a trip to the Live Life Expo at the Avondale Sports Complex. With our firebreathers ready to workout we put on a team styled WOD that got the attention of the entire complex! With all that said its only Saturday night and tomorrow is the IMS Marathon. Josh and Aubri from our CrossFit Kids Program will lead the Fit Kids warm-up tomorrow and rumor has it we are to expect 800 kids… yep thats two zeros after that eight! Luckily those two are legit and they have an entire Fire Department to help. Fury will also be represented by Katie, Matt L, Jason H, and Corbett (who ran the 5k today with a stroller with a flat tire…) for the marathon team relay. Be sure to watch for updates from that amazing crew!