When you first walk into the gym and see the white board, whose name do you look for? Whose scores do you search for and try to beat? You see that score and know that you need to beat it, if only by one second or 1 kilo. We all have a few people we try to keep track of. Sometimes you have a great day and beat them, sometimes you just can’t quite eek out that last rep fast enough.

But what happens when the wheels fall off and you miss horribly. It can be frustrating to not put up the performance you had hoped for. Crossfit is a highly competitive environment and it is easy to get caught up in the heat of battle and become too disappointed in any given workout. When we do this, however, we lose sight of who we are really competing with: ourselves.

Competition is an awesome thing and it drives to levels we would not be capable of on our own. I know that having seeing the person next to me still on the bar makes me want stay on even longer. But you also need to realize that you cannot control how well the person next to you does. Maybe they had extra Wheaties bacon that day, maybe the workout suits their strengths better, or maybe they just had more focus that day. Regardless, how well your competition does should not dictate how you feel about your performance.

Ask yourself, did I push as hard as I could have? Could I have rested less or maybe put on 2 more kilos? Is there any way you could have improved your own results? If you get a 2 minute PR on Fran, enjoy the victory. Don’t get down on yourself because someone else got a 2:30 PR and just barely beat you.

On any given workout, and on any given lift, your main goal should be to improve on your last attempt. We are all striving to get faster, stronger, more agile and more powerful. This comes through hard work, hours of practice and hundreds of repetitions. We try to attack our weaknesses and solidify our strengths. Basing your sense of success for a day at the gym on the performance of others is a poor judge of your progress towards your goals.

But if you want to see progress, then you need to keep track of past results. That is what Beyondthewhiteboard.com is for. Not only can you see what the next day’s workout is, you can see how you did the last time it came up. That way you can track your own progress and see the amazing changes you achieve while training at Fury.

So, go ahead, chase that time set by your nemesis. Set your bar high and settle for nothing less than 100% effort. But whether you beat them or not, judge your success based on your own accomplishments and progress.