ADDRESS UPDATE: The 5k portion of the event will be located at a car dealership at 600 W. Competition Road Tucson, AZ.
Every now and then you meet someone whom you are just on level with and everything seems to click. Way back when before the pull-up bars held over 20 people and the kids just sat in the corner we met a Sheriffs K9 Officer from Tucson named Michael Moseley. He and his crew attended all of our events, and he was a competitor to the core, so obviously we hit it off. A few years later when Mike came to me talking about opening his own gym I thought there was no one better and I more than encouraged it. Then a little over a year ago came an invitation to his grand opening on January 8th.

With all the music in the gym you may or may not be surprised to know that I rarely listen to music in the car, instead its NPR all the way! I remember Carren and I were headed down to Mike’s new gym when the program we were listening to was interrupted with a news report of an assassination attempt on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords at a Safeway in Tucson, only a few streets from where we were headed. We were stunned to say the least and when we arrived to Mike’s grand opening roughly half of the attendees were called into work and “on-scene.”

What was originally an event for celebration has now turned to an event of remembrance. This Saturday Michael Moseley is hosting the Remember Tucson Fundraiser to benefit AZ Homicide Survivors. Fury is headed down this Saturday to support and participate in this event. We hope if you are free you can head down and cheer on our athletes as they test themselves. Here is a video of a workout Mike and I did at the end of the day a year ago and while I’m not saying you will see this again I simply felt like sharing it…

As of now the gym will be closed this Saturday but we will let you know if anything changes.