So it’s that time of year-time to make 10 resolutions and fail within the first week….NOT. Let’s be realistic-resolutions are doomed for failure. They hold too much weight and very little support. So instead, Peter suggests goals, both long term and short term. Set goals that we would like to achieve at some point throughout the year that are realistic, attainable and something we can work at everyday, maybe fail at a few times but still know we can still accommplish in the end.

Now with that being said, I have short term goals of snatching 60kg and getting a 80kg clean and jerk. I consider these short term because I am not far from them now. My long term goals are to see myself get 10 consecutive muscle ups (a goal from 2011 I never reached), 10 consecutive strict hand stand push ups and 18 rounds of Nate but I’m pretty far from all of these and I had to ask myself why? Do I train hard? Check, atleast I think so. Do I push myself beyond my limits? check, atleast I think so? Do I truly have the desire and strength to accomplish these? check, again I like to think so. So what is missing?

Well, my diet! I openly admit that I have been a paleo cheater for the last 6-12 mon…, hell since going Plaeo. We preach that you can workout and train as hard as you want but it’s not going to get you that far unless you eat right. Yeah, I might have preached it but not necessarily lived it…I ate pretty much whatever I wanted and drank like a fish whenever I felt like it. A true example of “do what I say, not as I do”. And, as 2011 wound down and I looked over the last year and my goals, my biggest disappointment was my fake paleo lifestyle and how much it had cost me? I may have reached 1 or 2 goals but I’ve been cheating myself that last goal and any new goals I had made by eating and drinking Paleo when I felt like it. So my main goal, both short and long term, is to go Paleo and stay Paleo. I am going to go strict Paleo starting with my “Paleo New Year” Challenge starting Sunday, January 8th.

I invite anyone looking to set a short term goal of trying the Paleo diet or someone, like myself, trying to stick to the Paleo diet for good, to join me for this 8 week adventure of learning what to eat, why we eat it and how its going to make each one of us reach all of our goals and then some this year. Many of you have expressed interest in the next challenge so email me by 5pm on Friday, January 5th if you are up to this challenge. I will take 10 “fresh meat” (aka new) Paleo challengers and 10 “frozen vegetable” (aka past) Paleo Challengers and see which group fairs better. Let the fun begin as I will be the first “frozen vegetable”!