A sense of Pride has filled all of Fury due to the strong support from our members for such a great cause and the outstanding performances of all of our athletes this past weekend at CrossFit Now. We are truly part of something great!

In remembrance of the 2011 Tucson Shooting, Michael Moseley and all of CrossFit Now, CrossFit Purgatory and many more put on an event of support, competition, and camaraderie. The event started in the crisp, pre-dawn hours with a 5k run along a scenic bike route.

Once the final athlete finished the run they were gathered in reverse order for a clean and press ladder with barbells for men ranging from 115lbs to 205lbs in 10lb increments. The women’s bars ranged from 65lbs to 100lbs in 5lb increments. In total four women completed the entire ladder while only three men finished.

Once back at the gym with mesquite in the air and food in our bellies the athletes were briefed on the following workout which somewhat resembled a fight gone bad. The athletes would have two minutes on the rower for max calories, followed by ninety seconds of burpee box jumps, and finished with sixty seconds of shoulder to overhead and a sixty second rest. It all was repeated for a total of three rounds.

Once all the athletes finished we took a small break to tally scores and let the kids show off their CrossFit prowess. After a moment of silence and an attempt at a stand up routine, the final workout was announced and only the top 16 men and 8 women were advancing. To wrap things up the athletes had an 8 min Ladder of Chest to Bar Pull-ups and Hang Squat Cleans at 155lbs for men and 105lbs for women.

With emotions running high all day, the final heats left everything they had on the ladder and with out a doubt the athletes found a new level of strength and the spectators new inspiration. When the dust settled Amanda DeRosa from Now took 1st, Deana took 2nd and Aly Linehan from Purgatory took 3rd. On the mens side Will, Josh and Marcus took 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Once again we are proud of everyone who supported and or competed and a big thanks is owed all who organized the event!