CrossFit Fury is extremely proud to announce that as of December 2011 we are the strength and conditioning program and facility that the Lybarger Twins will be using to prepare for their pro debut in March of 2012!

Jillian and Jocelyn are their names and no worries if you mistake one for the other because I think they are used to it, and they havent knocked me out for doing it yet… but honestly these girls are way chill. You might catch them chatting or joking in the gym (too much influence from 8am…) but when the clock starts and the mouth piece is in you can tell they are competitors to the core and they were made for CrossFit!

Currently as amateurs Jillian holds the 115lb (thats 52kg) Tuff-N-Nuff title and at end the of January Jocelyn is going for the 125lb title. Everything will change come March for these ladies when they step out of the amateur ring and into the pro side of things. Luckily as these girls are increasing the level of fighters they face they are also taking their training to the next level!

Next time you see these ladies in the gym give them a shout out and let them know how proud you are to be training with them! Good luck ladies and we know you are going to do amazing! Honestly I feel kinda bad for the girls they are going to fight because it just is not going to be fair…