2011 is going down in style at Fury and our holiday party this past weekend was a blast! A big thank you is due every single person who came out and supplied the amazing array of delicacies and Dottie’s Mansion for being the coolest place in the west valley! This is a great time to live in and we are all very fortunate to have a community to share moments like these.

The food that was prepared and brought to the party was second to none! Seriously I am still in a food coma from trying just about everything… twice. All the set up and planning that went into the event is often overlooked but without it things would never be so smooth, thanks to everyone behind the scenes! Finally, the Go To Guy came through in another clutch and demonstrated much skill and precision for catching the spark that is friendship and good times on camera, check out the album!

We are proud to have spent this last year with each of you and we are more then excited for the future. Thank you for being apart of Fury and making it the place it is. Happy Holidays!