If you only knew how many times we have heard:

“I can’t do Crossfit, I’m not in shape.”
“I can’t jump rope, I’m not coordinated enough.”
“I can’t do handstand push ups, i have weak arms.”
“I can’t start Prep, I’m not strong enough.”
“I can’t go to the track, I will slow everyone down.”

Then, within a few weeks it becomes:

“I just finished my first workout, it hurt but i did it and loved it!”
“I knew I would conquer double unders”
“I got my first handstand today and it felt GOOD!
“I love Prep, it’s not what I expected”
“Going to track has improved my running 100%-I may not be the fastest, but I am not the slowest anymore”.

Do you see the difference between the two sets of statements? Do you see the first set are timid and apprehensive…the second second set are confident and determined! When starting CrossFit, it isn’t about strength, power or even what kind of shape you are in. It’s all about having the confidence in yourself to try something new! It means letting go of all your inhibitions and doing something that may be totally different from what you are used to and trusting the people who are training you and your own abilities.  Nine times out of 10 you are stronger than you think you are both mentally and physically.

CrossFit is not about jumping in and being great at it, or even good at it.  CrossFit is about making a decision that you want to be healthier, stronger and live a better life. CrossFit is not a fad fitness regime to get skinny fast or get great abs in 5 days. It’s about making a lifestyle change that will not only make you stronger and fitter but also more confident and determined. Some of my favorite statements have come from our newer Crossfitters like Rebecca Taylor who said she never considered herself an athlete before doing CrossFit or Elaina Hussan who said she believes she is a better cop because of the confidence CrossFit has given her.

Many people think they are not ready for CrossFit, it’s too hard for them because they aren’t in shape and need to get shape before they start CrossFit. That’s the craziest thing I have ever heard! CrossFit will get you in shape, the best shape of your life! So, for all those who have friends or family who want to try CrossFit but don’t think they are ready….It’s not about being ready-we are all ready! CrossFit is about jumping in and doing something unknown and unknowable! CrossFit is meant for anyone, any at age with any athletic background….The question shouldn’t be “am I ready for CrossFit?” but “why haven’t I tried CrossFit”?

We all have apprehensions, concerns and reservations about certain things in life but don’t let CrossFit be one of them. The only way to conquer any obstacle is to face it head on and it never hurts to try something new-heck you might even like it. Join us this Saturday, December 10th from 12-2pm for our first Annual Fury Open House.  Our Open House is a chance to meet our trainers, learn about our programs (for all ages) and how they can help you.  You can meet and talk to our members and see how CrossFit has changed their lives.  We will have refreshments and door prizes as well. So mark your calendars and if CrossFit is something you want to do but don’t think you can…think again!