There is alot in store for Fury over the next year or so, but none of which is as important as where YOU will be. While I am not a fan of resolutions, I do see the benefit in setting and pursuing goals and now is as good a time as any to plan for the future. Together lets set a few goals for this next year, and I’d like to influence a few of your choices hopefully for the better 🙂

First off I’d like you to set some olympic lifting goals. If you are not yet lifting, maybe simply getting there is a goal. For those of you who know your clean and jerk, list a combined total in kgs. Personally I am shooting for 250kg which is the same as my 2011 goal but I hope to have this by the Games this year.

Secondly tell us how fast you’d like to run a mile in. I like this distance because if you can run a sub 5 min mile, odds are you can run a 400 in under minute any day of the week and your 5k is quite competitive.

Finally the workouts “Nate” or “Mary” are great indicators of bodyweight competency, work capacity, and general “CrossFit-ness.” I’d bet if you can log 20 rds or more of these workouts, your “Fran” “Diane” or “Helen” are pretty good too, but not necessarily the other way around. If Completing these workouts as Rx’D is not possible we can sub in other goals.

Feel free to post any goals you feel are important, please simply consider the above three in your decisions. We look forward to sharing our fittest year yet with you.