This past weekend CrossFitters from all over the state gathered in the sub freezing temperatures of Flagstaff, Arizona to join in support of Lauriel Luther’s battle with cancer. The ability of the CrossFit community to compete and support one another was once again highlighted at this amazing event. We are truly lucky to be part of something so great!


Simply getting up north proved more difficult then expected. An early winter storm made driving somewhat treacherous and kept many of Fury’s top athletes from competing but we were still well represented by those who made the trip. Once there, Lisa Ray and crew did a fabulous job of combining killer workouts such as a “death by power snatch and box jumps” as well as great tests of skill and overall CrossFitness such as 1 min max chest to bar pull-ups, a broad jump for distance and even a bean bag toss!

In Games fashion, the final event was organized so that the person in lead had the most advantage and the person in last had the least, but the winner of that event would be overall winner. With great excitement, the competitors were started one by one and when the dust settled Fury ended on top! In all Kelly, Cole, Gareth, Alfred and Will did amazing and showed great performances across the board. Everyone should be proud and hold their heads high from their performances this weekend!

Remembering the purpose  of this event, we admire and look up to the courage that Lauriel has and we know her strength is going to get her through. The most difficult challenges we encounter in our lives hold little weight to what Lauriel is battling and overcoming.


CrossFit Flagstaff did an amazing job hosting, organizing and executing a spectacular event. To all of our CrossFit homies from around the state- it is a great honor to compete with you all.  Your participation in events like these you are making yourself and the state better CrossFitters. The production team, FullSquared, (who always seem to miss our events) are some of the coolest dudes behind the camera you will ever meat, and trust me immediately following a wod there are very few people you feel like talking to… Very speical shout outs to Mosely, Kneadler and Zambruno you all are legit and keeping us on our game. Justin and BOTB thanks for the grub and the jacket!

Be sure to check out the photos from the event.