A few months ago, I was sitting at the front desk when this man opened the door and literally dragged his wife in the gym and said “tell her we can do this CrossFit thing”.  Wes and Karen Gran were friends of one of our members, Michael Perham, and they had seen his results and wanted to know if we could help them too.  They had some concerns because of their age knowing how intense our workouts were, but Wes knew it was time to get into shape.  Wes started with some personal training and then jumped into our Masters program and now 6 months later Wes is the “poster child” for our Masters program-anyone can do CrossFit at any age. Check out Wes’ journey through CrossFit:

When Did you start CrossFit? May 2011

What Kept you coming back? The trainer’s constant support, the unique exercises and the results I was seeing almost immediately.

What is one thing you have accomplished but thought you couldn’t? CrossFit has not only changed me physically but mentally too.  I am mentally stronger and I have conquered the lazy voice.

How has your diet changed since starting? My diet is totally different-I got rid of all the good stuff: salt, sugar, coffee, soda, bread, cakes, cookies but I love it.  I wake up earlier, have more energy and my attitude is more positive.

Additional Comments: Every time I come to the gym, it makes for a better tomorrow and I truly feel like I am becoming a beacon amongst my peers.  I have lost 50 pounds, my knees feel better than they have in years, I no longer have sleep apena and my blood sugar is back down to normal.  Most of my health improvements I know are from eating Paleo and getting rid of gluten.  CrossFit Fury and the Paleo lifestyle has changed my life!