I’m pretty sure CrossFit saved my life. It’s really that simple-By Bob Rentfro

From a wedding day weight of 142lbs 31 years ago, I managed to ratchet my weight up to being a biscuit shy of 300lbs. Throughout those 31 years, I had tried everything to lose the weight but I was that guy who could lose “x” lbs at will but would gain back “1.5x” lbs. As is the case with most men of my vintage it took a disastrous trip to the doctor for me to finally realize something needed to be done.

So what better to do when you’re a physical wreck than to get an estimate on flooring? Right? Lucky for me getting a flooring estimate caused Kory Sterns (representin’ in a CrossFit Fury tee shirt) to come into my house on a Friday afternoon. We spent ten minutes talking flooring and 30 minutes talking about CrossFit Fury. After telling Tyleen and I in graphic detail about the WODs that make you want to yack by the dumpsters, how you feel you can’t possibly get enough air into your heaving lungs, and how crazy sore you get, he invited us to the free Saturday Basics class. Never once did he say “go try it,” he said, “go do it.” It was like the light had been switched on in the dark room; I wasn’t going to try CrossFit, I was going to do CrossFit.

Tyleen and I went to the Saturday, May 21, 2011 free Basics class . That’s precisely when my life changed. That first week was brutal. I realized I was going to be the oldest, fattest and slowest in every class but with Leah constantly encouraging me it didn’t matter. Even though I hurt like hell, it was a good hurt…not a fat-guy-trying-to-get-off-the-couch-to-get-a-fresh-bag-of-Doritos kind of hurt. When we started coupling eating Paleo with out Basics WODs I felt exponentially better. From there it has been all down hill, but in a good way.

Through the Paleo Challenges, the trainers constant encouragement and guidance, and the “fellowship” of those who frequent the gym (whether it’s someone plodding through Basics or someone killing a full-out CrossFit WOD…people I haven’t even met yet are encouraging me), I am striving ahead getting my life back in order both physically and mentally. I feel unspeakably better. My blood work is perfect. None of my clothes fit. I’ve dropped scads of weight and resurrected muscle that hasn’t been around in decades and I still have a ways to go but I will get there. If you think you can’t do it, you might be right but if you don’t at least try-you will never know. Check your ego and your doubt at the desk with Aimee and get busy trying.  It never hurts to try…well, it might a little but it might just save your life!