Harleigh before her 100m backstroke event

Since the Spring of this year we have had several swimmers from the local Neptune Swim Team training with the Advanced Crossfit Kids class.  They started coming to our class to supplement their sport specific training in the water with additional strength and conditioning work.  It has been a lot of fun to work with these kids and see them all improve.  This past weekend we got a chance to watch them in action at a local swim meet at the YMCA. 

They all did a great job and we even got to see a team record set in the 50m freestyle and several personal bests for various races.  Their coach told me that the kids coming to Crossfit have all seen big gains in their performance.  Paloma and Lauren have qualified for Far West (their national region) and Jessie and Taylor qualified for the State level.  Additionally, all of the kids have improved in their times and general swim form.  The addition of strength and conditioning produced significant gains within their specific sport.

Makena showing skill with the breast stroke

Are you “Regularly learning and playing new sports?”  If you are, or your kids are, then Crossfit is the perfect way to gain an edge over your competitors.  If not, then get out there and use the fitness and athletic ability you have worked so hard to earn.