Finally, after a day to recoup and reorganize the dust has settled and another Furious Fundraiser has gone down in history. This past Saturday 103 of the most competitive and dedicated athletes around gathered to test themselves against the known and unknown. The support that came with these athletes was just as spectacular as their performances and a huge thank you is owed everyone showed up and rocked the house!

The day began with a run, but not your average run. Starting athletes in heats of ten every minute they faced a series of hurdles, sandbag hill carries, log facing burpees and balance beams. The course was a there and back run so most of these obstacles where encountered twice. Bringing in the fastest time for the men was Nick Zambruno from CrossFit Scottsdale with a time of 14:10 which was 36 seconds faster the Fury’s fastest male Adam Bender. For the ladies Katie Peterson and Aimee Berencsi dominated with times of 16:41 and 16:49 respectively. Tara Ross from Flagstaff came in third with 17:00.

After a two hour break which included a kids obstacle course and a visit from our friends the Gorilla, Big Red and Baxter, the atheles were briefed on the second workout which was a 6min max kgs ground to overhead. In this workout the women had three weights they had to lift to be RX’d and they were 35kg, 45kg, and 55kg and the men had four weights ranging 60-90kg.

For the men Will Trujilo totaled 3920 with Nick Zambruno coming in second at 3660. On the womens side Amanda Derosa aka Butterfield from CrossFit Now totaled 2200 which was 50kgs ahead of second place Hannah Caldas who trains on her own and is an olympic hopeful in swimming.

Coming back after lunch the competitors were cut by half with the top 35 men and 15 women moving on. The final workout was agreed upon by the crowd to be five events pulled from a possible 12 in a chipper style workout with a 12 minute cap.

The potential exercises and reps were listed on the whiteboard as individuals from the crowd pulled the five balls and the workout was organized as: 30 pistols, 30 overhead squats at 60/35kg, 10m handstand walk, 60 overhead walking lung steps with a 20/10kg plate overhead and 15/10 muscle ups. As desired the athletes were tested from all angles and many strengths and weaknesses were exposed.

For the men Will came through with a time of 8:14 followed by Derek Kneadler from CrossFit 480 at 9:09. Michael Mosely from CrossFit Now came in third with a time of 10:26. On the ladies side Aimee brought it in at 7:57 with Amanda finishing in 10:44 and these were the only two women to finish in the cap. Quickly it was realized there was a tie for first on the ladies side between Aimee and Amanda… So we did the only thing we can do in a situation like this, A TIE BREAKER!

After some discussion it was decided a 500m row was fair, and boy was it a battle! The ladies were within 15m of each other as they rounded out the last hundred when Amanda experienced some shoe malfunction and Aimee sailed into the lead while also setting a pr of 1:48. So Aimee took first as did Will but the real prize this weekend went to the best performing outside gym. After looking at the top athletes CrossFit Now took second place for male and female securing the grand prize!

By far this was the best event we have hosted to date. The athleticism and dedication we witnessed from the athletes was commendable, all kinds of PR’s including first muscle ups were experienced this weekend and it was powerful! Even more importantly was the support and dedication of our volunteers and judges. Any praise (and there was alot) given to this event is directed right at everyone wearing a blue shirt this weekend. Seriously, day before and pre set up guys and gals you made things happen and to my day of people… you really made things effortless, thank you.

Spreadsheets of the individual workouts can be found here. Please note a DNF on wod 3 was scored as reps left unfinished. Also the amazing photos by Treg photography can be found here.