With the start of the 2012 Games season roughly three months away we will be putting all of our energy into preparing for it. As your all aware we took last week as active rest, and now we look to rock sectionals and show the whole world how we train. In these upcoming weeks you should notice the weightlifting a little more precise and repeatable, some new gymnastic skills should become second nature and as always a few new directions on fitness. We are excited for Fury’s sixth appearance in the CrossFit Games and even more excited for you to train along side us.

On your end please get plenty of rest and stay mobile while keeping a hunt and forage based diet, gluten is for the weak and medicated. Most importantly every time you step through that door, be ready to give your all and achieve the impossible!

We are excited for the Basics members moving up this week we are proud of your progress to date and thrilled for what still lies in store. Watch for some schedule changes this month including a new morning Basics class and possibly an afternoon CrossFit, we will discuss in class this week.

From the archives here is old school CrossFit to get you ready for tomorrow. Happy Halloween!