While we love to take all the credit for putting on fun and competitive events at the gym it would not happen without the support of local businesses and individuals. This is the first in a series where we are highlighting those businesses/ individuals and what they do and how they help!

I am trying to remember the first time I met Zach Gibs from MPower and I believe it was at Lift it/Love it at CrossFIt 480 a few months back. We quickly hit things off because of our shared great taste in logos and because I was most likely walking around looking for a coffee and he suggested I try a MPower Tab. My first reaction with his product was skepticism and in my opinion skeptical inquiry is a solid path to finding truths. After listening to his pitch and reading the labels I thought “well its easier then finding a starbucks…” so I did as any good coach would do in my situation,  I gave Will about five of the MPower tabs and threw him to the wolves(just kidding I took five, Will took one).

Needless to say the claims on the package are true and one tab has the same effect as a cup of coffee or one of those lame energy drinks with ingredient lists longer then a dictionary. Now it is important to state that I do believe there is potential training benefit from caffeine use, but like all great things in life this benefit is only experienced if moderation is practiced. The training advantages of caffeine are simple, its and upper and gets your CNS fired up which in turn makes your feel sharper and even more pumped. When it comes time to set some pr lifts in the gym you will always see me with a cup of java with intent to get a couple extra kgs on the bar.

So when it comes to your pre-game prep time, caffeine can help give you an advantage assuming your training, nutrition and everything else is in order. Finally remember responsibility is a must, to reap the benefits of these energy tabs or other supplements you must not have a tolerance. This is a great pre game product, and it needs to be used as such.

MPower is available nation wide but the business is based locally here in Scottsdale. Check out their Facebook page and info on their website and shout outs to Zach Gibbs for hooking us up at the Furious Fundraiser 4 and I AM NATURALLY EXPLOSIVE!