We recently decided we would like to hear from our members more, in their own words on our website.  So starting today, we will post one article a month, written by one of our members in reference to how CrossFit has changed, impacted, improved some or all aspects of their life.  We are looking for members who not only love CrossFit and have seen great results, but also those who have found things outside of CrossFit that they never thought they would do much less even try.

Our first article is written by Rebecca Glenn, a recent graduate to our CrossFit program and a truly dedicated athlete both inside and outside of the gym.  Hope you enjoy her story as much as I did.

Rebecca hiking Mt. Humphreys in Flagstaff, AZ

“The Best of Me is Yet to Come… Under Construction”

As I was browsing one of my favorite Facebook sites the other day I saw this saying and felt as though an entire array of light bulbs flashed on inside of me instantaneously.  “This is me” I thought.  This completely embodies the attitude I have developed over the past year.Before I get ahead of myself however; I must lay a foundation of where I came from.

Summer of 2010 found me in a rather dark place where I felt that however hard I searched, I just could not find the switch to the light overhead and continued to stumble in the darkness trying to find my way.Everything in our life happens for a reason.  I strongly believe that.  One day at work, I received an email which had a flyer attached to it advertising something called a “Furious Fundraiser” which was a 5K that some place called; “Crossfit Fury” was hosting to benefit the family of one of our fallen police officers, Travis Murphy.  Having worked on the evidence in this particular crime, I felt a personal connection and decided I needed to look into this further.How shocked was I to find that this place is actually near my house?  I thought, “it must be a sign.”  

Next, I proceeded to do what the next logical person would have done.  I ‘Googled’ “Crossfit Fury” to figure out what this place is. After checking out the web site I decided to schedule a consultation.  I remember walking into the facility and thinking, “What the _______ (insert your own choice word here)?!?”.  I was standing inside of some industrial looking facility, watching a group of individuals hoisting barbells, pulling themselves up on some strange bar apparatus, and doing something unrecognizable (but, appeared to be really fast) with jump ropes.  A bit intimidated, I decided to take the offer of trying out a week of something they call ‘Basics’ for free to determine whether this is something that I would be interested in continuing.  

I was hooked after the first workout (“WOD” as I soon learned)!  After that first WOD, I thought, could it be?  Was that a little ‘flicker’ I just saw?  Is the light overhead trying to turn on finally?  It was definitely worth investigating.  I signed up.  In January of 2011, I moved up to Crossfit Prep and reluctantly (with the push and encouragement from many fellow Crossfitters) moved up to Crossfit the first of August and let me tell you, the light hasn’t been on brighter!  The ‘darkness’ from the previous year only exists as a faint reminder of the start of my journey.

I was approached the other day to consider submitting a write-up regarding the role Crossfit plays in my other athletic endeavors.  Some of you are already familiar with what those endeavors are but for those of you who I have yet to have the pleasure of training with, I will share a few of them.  Between October 2010 and June 2011, I completed (much to Peter’s dismay ) seven half marathons, one full marathon, the Ragnar Relay Del Sol and one 17K.  The end of September I found myself trekking through the Grand Canyon completing what’s known as the Rim to Rim to Rim in two day’s time and then six days later, crested Mount Humphrey’s (the tallest peak in Arizona).  I don’t consider myself to be an elite athlete and I am definitely not the fastest or the strongest but, I DO have the confidence in myself and my abilities to allow me to take on new challenges that I would likely have cowered from a year ago.  Completing the WOD’s and getting my first ______ (insert anything from handstand push-up to pistol to more than 10 unbroken double unders) or achieving a PR on a WOD or lift gives me that motivation to push even harder and the confidence in myself that I can conquer any mountain (both figuratively AND literally) that stands in my way.

The light comes from within.  That is where I was faltering.  I was looking outside of myself for some magical switch to flip when in reality, it was inside of me the entire time.  Confidence, Repitition, Ownership, Strength, Stability, Fortitude, Intensity,  Tenacity, are all a part of what makes Crossfit come together as a means to construct the best ‘you’!  We are all ‘under construction and a ‘work in progress’ as long as we make that decision that we will not settle for less than the best we can become.  Crossfit isn’t just weights, running, rowing, plyometrics and gymnastics, it is a lifestyle!  It is the tool belt we all need for building the best us!

~ Rebecca Glenn

If you would like to share your CrossFit journey, please submit articles to Aimee at aimee@crossfitfury.com.