So check this out, after much contemplation here is the skinny on Furious Fundraiser 4 and our cause. This is going to be a kick-off more than a fundraiser, a celebration more than a charity and our goal is t0 spread awareness more than to raise funds.

We have this vision, and now its about getting there. The FF4 is a beautiful time of year, pretty much the anniversary of our opening, and a great opportunity to get the best athletes in Arizona together to compete. The “cause” of this event is simple, we are starting a Foundation where we can help countless individuals instead of just one and hopefully along the way build something much bigger then ourselves.

The Breathe Later Foundation is expected to up and running by January 1st 2012, so just hold on to your check books and wallets, no tax write offs just yet… The proceeds from our competition will go to putting on the competition and then kick start the operations of the Foundation in the following order:

  • Provide selected athletes from local Title 1 schools the ability to participate 100% in our program. Our hope is with our training, nutriton and supportive community, healthy lives and higher education will be a reality.
  • Expand this program to charter schools or alternative school with little to no access to athletics.
  • Become a provider of fresh local produce (think boxes or baskets of food), to our members and community. Once this is up and running, extend the service to those government food assistance.

So for this event on the 22nd of October, we would like your support in attendance, help us spread the word, volunteer on the committees and most importantly participate. We will however be looking to local businesses for advertising and donations- things like event T-shirt space, vender space, raffle prizes and goodie bag items.

I hope this puts us all on the same page and you are more excited then ever for this event. Also if you are more then excited by this, we do have some more specific information available in the gym regarding particpating in and supporting the Foundation when the time comes. If you ask we will be happy to provide it to you.