One of the biggest challenges facing an athlete during multiple events in a day, day after day is physically being ready for the next set of challenges while still trying to overcome the effects of the previous workout.

This year Fury stepped up our game thanks to the professional support of Ryann Roberts from Arizona Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Ryann took time away from his business, packed up his gear and traveled out to LA with us so that he could keep our athletes operating at the fullest potential with pre and post workout mobility work and treat any injuries.

Speaking from experience, athletes will wait in lines for the massage and chiropractor tables to work out any issues in a brief (to say the least) few minutes of work. Fury had our very own Doctor of Physical Therapy in tent city and with out a doubt made an impact on our athletes.

A huge thank you is owed Ryann and his business for their time and services. The best part of the whole thing is Ryann is a pretty bad ass up and coming CrossFitter so having someone like this on the team and as a resource for the gym is huge, thank you!