Last friday marked the final day of our Summer Paleo Challenge and with it our Paleo 3.0 series. As always this challenge brought change and progress, but this time a vision for something new. Lets check out some of the results from this past challenge and then we’ll talk about whats next, but first drumroll please….

Our finalists are:

Leonard Velazquez

Cecilia Escobedo

Mark Brown

Dani Medrano

Voting will be open in the gym until close on Monday, please vote for top female and male finalist.

Additionally, we had some great success from repeat finalists and winners and despite not qualifying to win again (we have decided past winners are no longer able to win a second challenge),they have continued to see results and improvements.

First off,  Micki Sund from day one to today has completely transformed herself and has now impacted the lives of many as she refers and encourages many of our newest members.  Congratulations Micki on your success and we thank you for your hard work.

Finally, Deanna Munoz put in another valiant effort and had considerable change but won Paleo Challenge 3.2 and Stacey Frederico completed her third challenge and contintues to have results as she completed her first RX’d wod and is making huge strides every day, only to both to show their dedication will prove for continued success.  Congratulations to everyone whom competited, you have changed for the better and will continue to do so.

For this next challenge our focus will be on food preparation, shopping, eating out as well as covering the “Paleo Solution” book and Food Inc movie. However this challenge will last 4 weeks and will start with a brunch provided by CrossFit Fury and Ground Control to lay down the guidelines to success followed by a shopping trip and then online recipe exchanges, reading discussions and as always Saturday track practice.

The Paleo 4.0 Series will start when 12 people have signed up and those 12 will work together to be accountable, encouraging and most importantly successful! We can start a challenge as quickly as this Sunday (8/14) or the next start date will be Sunday (8/28). You will need to be signed up by the Friday before if you want to start. Please let us know if you are ready to change!