What an amazing weekend.  Being at the Home Depot Center as a team competitor was an awesome experience.  The excitement of the crowd, the scale of the venue, a Fury team of great athletes and people, and knowing that we were representing an amazing group of people back in Phoenix made for the most exhilirating weekend of workouts I have ever had. 

The first workout was for all 6 team members.  It was a sand bag carry back and forth over a football field with 2 obstacles and 15 heavy bags (heaviest at 200lbs).  We were unfortunately in the first heat which meant we were the guinee pigs.  But we went in with a plan and adapted as needed.  We worked together and never stopped giving 100%.  The mistakes in that first heat, however, gave valuable information to later teams and we ended up with an unfortunately low ranking after that workout.  Those sandbags kicked our butt.  I remember thinking, after clearing the wall at the turnaround, I don’t want to pick up any more heavy sandbags ever again.

The second workout was a 2 part with 2 separate scores.  First, we had 2 minutes for as many rope climbs as possible from all 6 members at their own rope, then we had 2 minutes (no rest) to get a 1 rep max clean.  We did really well on the rope climbs with a score of 41 (tied for 7th overall) but we were smoked on the cleans.  I had no speed left and lost about 30 pounds on my personal best.  Other teams got fewer rope climbs but got higher clean weights.  Two different athletes cleaned 350 lbs!  We creeped up slightly, but not much.

Day 2 brought on a chipper for 4 athletes.  40 muscle ups, 100 deadlifts with a low bar, 100 GHD situps and a relay shuttle run.  This was brutal.  TJ, Gareth, Katie Jo and Aimee did great.  They never stopped moving and they relied on those horrible track shuttle runs on Saturdays for the confidence to keep going.  TJ killed the muscle ups and Aimee did half of the GHDs.  Again, we were bested by some amazingly strong teams.  We actually lost a place or 2 after this workout.  From here, we knew we needed to enjoy ourselves and the moment.  This is the Crossfit Games and we are competing against teams of extrordinary athletes. 

Our last event was the killer cage.  This was a team station workout with each of the 4 members only able to advance to the next element when the member in front of them finished their item: 20 push press @ 135/95, 20 box jumps, 50 feet of monkey bar traverse, 50 double unders, and 500m ride on a Watt Bike.  After all elements were completed by all athletes, do it all in reverse.  Most teams didn’t finish under the 15 minute time cap (like us) but this was a really fun and thrilling set-up.  The stands were packed, the music cranking and lots of different elements in the workout.  How could you not get pumped up for this workout.  We had our struggles, but our training got us through the tough spots and we never stopped trying. 

Overall we finished in 32nd place out of the best 43 teams in the world.  We went to the games with hopes of winning and expectations of a higher finish, but we learned some good lessons along the way.  Having been through this level of competition once, and seeing the competiton we have to overcome, we will be much more prepared next year.  Now we know what it takes and we saw the areas we need to work on.  Rest assured, Team Fury will not be content with 32nd place next year. 

The support from everyone at the gym was great.  We had so many people make the trip to cheer for us, we want to say ‘thanks’.  When Regionals come around next year, and when the team qualifies for the Games in 2012, we know there will always be a whole crew of “F-bombs” screaming as the team works hard to represent everyone at the gym. 

There were a lot of great pictures taken all weekend long.  Only a few could fit in here, but if you want to see more you can go to this link so see pictures from each of the events and some of the Fury support crew.