CrossFit Fury Day 1

Fury has come a long way since its humble beginnings and its direction is always being determined. There was a point, roughly a year ago in which I realized we had reached the original conception of Fury- a busy gym with many levels where a brand new athlete could workout at the same place with a Games level athlete, or simply put that we have proven methods.

Since then we continue to refine and there is always work to do, but the question “whats next?” holds heavy in the air. I mean if I wanted to tear down walls for a living, I would have gone into the demolition business… With that said, what is the goal after 600N Bullard Ave?

CrossFit Fury Day 1061

Looking forward we wish to build on our already strong sense of community and lasting results. Additionally we want to have the resources to train athletes for the ever increasing demands of the Games. To do this, as always with CrossFit we will need space.

Try for a moment to invision a park like community center with a few sport fields and courts, an outdoor track, and obviously a pool, all neatly wrapped around some central buildings well designed to provide shade and usable outdoor space. With this we could host community events, youth sports, swim lessons, lunch, and obviously some bad ass training to anyone… and who knows what else.

I believe in dreaming big because if you dont, there really is no point. We will start this journey of ours with a non-profit, because I feel there is little incentive to grow a corporation. With this foundation we will start by providing fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching to underprivileged kids with a goal of helping them reach their athletic and academic potential. Further on we see athletics for alternative schools, summer camps, and helping provide families access to locally grown fruits and vegetables.

This two year journey will officially kick off with our 4th Furious Fundraiser but really it all started way back when. If you are interested in being a part of, supporting or just more information on the Breathe Later Foundation, just ask.