By being a part of Fury it is safe to say you have at least heard of the Paleo Diet, if not consider yourself paleo or mostly paleo. If you do not feel this is the case, please take a few minutes, explore the websites “Nutrition” page and then continue on with this post.

With that out of the way, lets talk about some of the arguments against paleo. Even today there are  people who do not agree with the Paleo Diet…for example my sister, a Registered Dietician. It’s not that she doesn’t agree with it per say; but she like many other doctors, nutritionists and dietitians were all schooled on the USDA’s original Food Pyramid. Now like any decisions which effect a great number of consumers, corporate and political interest always come to play, for better and for worse…

The original USDA Food Pyramid was built heavily on the use of grains, breads and other products whose low costs of production was greatly influenced by the Farm Bill. Since the introduction subsidies for commodity crops (Corn, Wheat, Soy) there has been a dramatic decrease in overall number of farms and food producers and today nearly 80% of all food production is by only a handful of companies…

So it only makes since that the foods the gov’t is paying farmers to produce (commodity crops) should be the staple of the American Diet right? Well that is what were were told and taught and here we are today, luckily we have all there pharmaceutical companies to make profits off of our misfortune.

The best part of all these arguments is that fact that the Paleo Diet being “not good” for you never comes up, its simply an argument that grains should be a part of your diet. However we are claiming that grains and other processed carbohydrates are the center of America’s ills and our proof lies in each and everyone of you who walk through our doors. The best part is there are thousands of others just like us around the country doing the same things and many cultures who still follow a paleo type lifestyle with none of our ills.

So let the nay-sayers claim grains and corn are good for your while the commodity crops are subsidized more, and health insurance continues to rise… or take your health into your own hands, educate yourself and become more interested in this topic because that is the best insurance possible!