Brian Brown has come a long way since his first date with Helen pictured here back in February 2011, a month after joining Fury. Brian finished Helen in 11:42 that day and didn’t move from that spot on the floor for about an hour. Yesterday, he redid Helen for the first time and crushed his previous time by more than 2 minutes-9:12 and with butterfly pull ups!

Brian joined CrossFit in January 2011 after spending 10 months in Afghanistan where he was first introduced to CrossFit. In his short amount of time here, Brian has made amazing progress, not only as a CrossFitter but his everyday life-he quit smoking! Brian is one of our most dedicated athletes as he comes in early everyday to work on perfecting a skill or to learn a new one. He stays after class to practice double unders and pull ups. He is lifting heavier and his times are getting faster everyday. Brian is the perfect example of a true CrossFitter. He puts in a little extra work and he is seeing the results! Good job Brian-keep up the hardwork!

When Did you start CrossFit: A friend turned me on to it in April 2010 while deployed in Afghanistan, then I joined CrossFit Fury in January 2011 after returning home.

Why Did you start CrossFit: Lackluster results from other training programs, and I like the friendly competition.

What kept you coming back/motivated: The results, friendly people and coaches. The atmosphere at CrossFit Fury is much better than any other gym I have been to.

How long did it take you to go from Basics to CrossFit: Three months

What is the best thing you have gotten out of CrossFit: After smoking for ten years, CrossFit was the final push I needed to quit.

What is the one thing you have done here that you never thought you could do? When I started here I never thought I would be able to lift my body weight overhead. I’ve always had weak shoulders, but last Tuesday I was able to clean and jerk 175 pounds. Not bad considering I could barely put 100# overhead when I started in January.

Additional Comments: I want to send a big thank you to Peter and Aimee, without their help this wouldn’t be possible for me.

My next goal Is to dead lift 2x my body weight.